Cognitive Security

UEBA and Internal Security Threats

Monitor the activity of your network and your employees through the use of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and detect any behavior that is associated with a malicious or suspicious pattern that puts your organization at risk.

Digital Brand Protection and Cyber Intelligence

Get visibility of security threats outside of your organization such as phishing sites, brand abuse attacks, confidential information stolen from your company, mentions about your executives, and even in internet areas beyond your reach or inaccessible such as the Deep Web and social networks.

External Threats

Monitor all channels with which your business interacts and detect any type of fraud, bots and identity theft of your customers by using Artificial Intelligence.

Security Education

Security Awareness Program

A computer attack may originate from an error or carelessness of an employee in the use of technology. Train your users in the fundamentals of computer security to achieve a responsible use of their information and the technologies with which they interact daily.

Security Program for IT

Create a security culture in your IT staff as network administrators, DBAs and analysts to develop the awareness and technical skills necessary to integrate security into your organization.

Secure Development Program

A large part of the computer attacks are initiated in the application layer due to vulnerabilities introduced in the software. Train your architects, developers, testers / QAs and Managers to develop the awareness and technical skills necessary to integrate security at every stage of development.



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